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Overview RUNWAY RENOVATION DAYS >>> Sept. 21 - 23 2016


KÄRNTEN AIRPORT is renovating its runway.

My colleagues and myself have gained 
considerable experience during the project planning process and have built up an extensive network of relevant experts. 

We would like you to benefit from the knowledge and network we have acquired and support all of you who are faced with similar upcoming runway renovation projects.
Therefore we are organizing the KÄRNTEN AIRPORT „RUNWAY RENOVATION DAYS“. Use this opportunity to gain a detailled insight into the project, meet the experts, planners and managers from other aiports and get a first-hand inside view of the whole runway 
renovation project cylce.
In addition to the runway project, other recently completed projects will be presented and discussed. We are talking to a number of airports, speakers are yet to be confirmed.
Discuss the options, workflow and project management issues from the first conceptual approach to requirement definition and operational issues. 
Runway Renovation DAYS at Kärnten Airport - Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
Since this is the first major renovation of the runway in the history of the airport, the company could not draw on previous experience.
The conference ist dedicated to:
Presentation of the runway renovation concept of Kärnten Airport with a clear focus on requirement definition under tight budget constraints, project management and „lessons learned“.
Apart from the Klagenfurt project, further projects will be presented and discussed: 
  • Varna, Bulgaria
    Kaunas & Vilnius
    Lithuania & Budapest, Hungary
    The project managers from these airports will introduce their projects to the audience.

  • Mr Fer Moren, the runway expert of NACO, will give us an overview of global renovation projects.

  • Dr. Martin Buchta from the Austrian Consultancy Nievelt will present the role of an active ÖBA (Construction Supervision) at runway projects of different sizes (from regional to international airports) with different requirements.

  • We expect experts from all over Europe and will, accordingly, organise workshops in order to get as much first-hand experience as possible into this conference.
Delegates from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Switzerland have already registered for this unique event.
Further Events:
On-site presentation of a drone and how it can be deployed at airports.
The Runway Renovation Project at Kärnten Airport - Why is it special?
The total budget of the renovation project (including all planning activities) was limited to € 13.5m  due to the financial contraints of a small regional airport.
The requirement definition process including an in-depth trade-off analyis was therefore crucial for this project. 
In addition to that,the airport has found a solution in order to get the most economic drainage system: by replacing the damaged slit gutter by a gutter on the surface substantial savings were realised.
The construction works is divided into three phases:
  • Phase 1: during the night only
    Start: July 04 2016
    Rehabilitation of drainage faciilities and shafts, pre-works at shoulders
  • Phase 2: all day shifts
    From Sept. 11 2016, 21:30, until Oct. 03 2016,06:00, the airport will be closed completely in order to reduce total construction time and construction costs. During this phase all major construction works will be carried out.
  • Phase 3: during the night only
    Start: Oct. 04 2016
    Final works – mainly electrical facilities
The construction works will be finished by mid of October 2016.
If you are interested please find here the registration form and the general information to the RUNWAY RENOVATION DAYS as PDF. 
Please download the REGISTRATION FILE, fill it out and return to us.