Passenger Services

As of 1st April 2024, the entire business operations of Avisafe Security & Service GmbH are transferred to Kärntner Flughafen Betriebs GmbH. Passenger Services at Kärntner Flughafen Betriebs GmbH are services such as terminal services, car parking, cleaning, security and passenger checks, security services, check-in, catering, etc. at the airport. We now have a total of around 70 employees at the Klagenfurt site.

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Security services

  • Aviation Security
  • X-Ray Operations
  • Event Services
  • Property Protection
  • Mobile Services
  • VIP Services
  • Front Desk Services
  • Parking Management
  • Messenger services

Michael Stonitsch
Tel: +43 463 41500 361



  • Personal assistance for passengers on departure and arrival
  • VIP support for general aviation customers
  • Departure and arrival coordination
  • Baggage acceptance and document control
  • Handling of baggage irregularities

Jelena Tatic
Tel: +43 463 41500 220



  • Supervision of the Bistro "Gravity
  • Supervision of the Duty Free Shop & Bistro in the gate area
  • VIP Catering

Dana Vetter
Tel: +43 463 41500 216