Die Zivilflugplatz-Benützungsbedingungen für den Klagenfurt Airport – Auszug:


Flight tax

According to the federal act introducing an Air Transport Levy (Air Transport Levy Act § 10 par. 3 and 4), the aircraft owner is obliged to report the data summarized for a calendar month to both the tax office and the airport operator.

The aircraft owner must submit this report to the operator of the domestic airport from which it performed the respective departures in the relevant period no later than the 15th day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the tax liability arose.

In order to keep the effort for this obligation as low as possible for airlines and aircraft owners, Klagenfurt Airport provides the following web portal: flugabgabe.reg-airports.at/klu

Those users who do not yet have login data, please contact the General Aviation Center directly at: gac@klu-airport.at


User Committee

The User Committee performs the duties set forth in the Airport Ground Handling Act and the Airport Charges Act with regard to Klagenfurt Airport. The committee, consisting of the users of the previous year, meets at least once a year and deals with the charges or changes in charges for the next year.