Having an innovative office concept is an important aspect of Aviation City. All companies based at Aviation City will require modern, well-structured office space. Hot-desking and
non-territorial offices will provide more flexible possibilities for companies to use and lease these spaces.


The data centre will be the first of its kind and size in Klagenfurt, making it a further USP for the region. Another major advantage is offered by the strict security measures that the Aviation City campus will be subject to due to its symbiosis with the airport. Because the data centre will be based on the airport campus, the airport’s high security standards will have
to be maintained.

The Aviation City data centre will offer maximum data security, server housing options, excellent connectivity, redundant power supply, extreme reliability and much more. Thanks to having its own sustainable power supply, its modular construction and using the generated waste heat for heating in adjoining spaces, it will be a further initiative in support of sustainability and profitability.

Above-average economic growth in Carinthia plus the rising demand for office spaces from Aviation City users will result in long-term utilisation of the office spaces. The hybrid usage
of server spaces adds a corresponding level of flexibility to the usage of the offices.


Development of a hotel offering, for passengers and – especially – for business travellers from companies based at the office park and at the technology and logistics hubs as well as participants of events at the conference centre. A further target market of the hotel will be travellers in private vehicles driving towards southern Europe, thanks to the close proximity to the motorway.

The hotel offering will be able to be realised successfully if all elements of Aviation City increase the demand for accommodation options.


Creating smaller and larger event spaces for the companies in the research and technology node will offer potential for topic-specific conferences directly within the field of activity.

Flexibility, freedom in planning, state-of-the-art technology and first-rate interior fittings will let the Aviation City conference and events centre satisfy the desires of event organisers.

This concept will allow for unique event possibilities and enable visitors from around the world to travel to them easily and without problems. This is a USP for Carinthia and is a clear and significant distinction from the city of Klagenfurt’s trade fair halls.