The entire Aviation City concept will be environmentally future-proof, making it a pioneer for airport carbon neutrality in Europe. The goal is complete carbon neutrality for all of Aviation City. In order to achieve this goal, the first stage will involve the construction of a dedicated solar farm on a 70,000 square metre site. This will offer a major competitive advantage for aviation and, most of all, logistics. It means that Aviation City will automatically decarbonise its partners’ business models. Thanks to a dedicated 70,000 square metre solar farm with a capacity 20 times more than the core airport’s own consumption (in 2019), it will generate enough energy to power Aviation City independently of the local power grid while conserving resources.

Aviation City will achieve carbon neutrality even before 2030. Aviation City will therefore be the first to achieve Austria’s climate target of zero-carbon transport. The possibilities for expansion on the rooftops of the new infrastructure created and other open areas will allow expansion for additional sustainable energy supply in Carinthia.

Constructing a hydrogen electrolyser will allow the generation of hydrogen and synthetic fuels for fuelling all vehicle fleets on the Aviation City campus.