at Klagenfurt Airport

At Klagenfurt Airport, around 400 parking spaces are available to passengers and visitors in parking lots 1 and 2. Thanks to the barrier-free entrance, you can drive in directly without stopping.


Parking Rates

  • Free parking for the first 30 minutes
  • Thereafter 2,- Euro per started hour
  • Daily maximum on 1st day (for the first 24 hrs) 20,- Euro (with continuous parking of 24hrs)
  • Each additional day started (24h) 7,- Euro (from the 2nd day, longer than 24h)


Book weekly, monthly and annual tickets online

Are you parking for longer than a week? Then you can now book your car ticket in advance here. Advance booking is curerntly possible for periods of 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks as well as 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.


Barrier-free Parking at Klagenfurt Airport

Site plan

Driving in

Thanks to the barrier-free entrance, you can drive in directly without stopping.

Your license plate number is scanned in compliance with data protection regulations.

The parking process starts automatically.


Choose one of the free parking spaces.

Please remember your license plate number, you do not need to pull a separate parking ticket.


Please pay for your parking session.

There are various cashless payment options available to you. Please follow the signs for more information.

You can also pay with EasyPark.

Driving out

You have paid the parking fee or are leaving within the free parking period??

Just drive off - your license plate number will be read automatically when you exit and the parking process is considered complete.


Do you have questions or any other request?

Please contact +43 72 011 69 48 (MO - SO: 06:00 - 22:00) or

Did you receive a payment notice? Please contact +43 72 011 69 49 (MO - FR: 09:00 - 17:00)


Frequently asked questions

How does parking without barriers work?

The license plate number of the vehicle is read as it enters and leaves the parking space. This makes it possible to
determine how long a parking process has taken. The license plate replaces the conventional paper ticket, thus eliminating the need for paper or plastic tickets and reducing waste. After payment, the area can simply be left with the vehicle. A clear signage reminds again not to forget to pay.

How do I pay for parking?

The parking process can be paid either via the cell phone with the EasyPark app or classically at the pay machine. To
pay at the machine, simply enter the license plate number and complete the payment process.

How is my license plate recognized?

When a vehicle enters or exits, the license plate number is automatically recognized by a scanner - no permanent recording takes place and it is not possible to see who is sitting in the vehicle. The image recording of the vehicle license plate number as well as a text fi le with time and date stamp can be viewed by the parking operators. After the parking process is completed, the data is automatically deleted. Only in case of a parking violation (leaving the area without paying) a follow-up is done.

Does the scanner fi lm me entering and exiting the parking area?

The scanner only records the license plate number. There is no permanent video recording! Only if a license plate is in
the viewing angle of the scanner, a recognition takes place. The camera cannot see who is driving the vehicle and who
is sitting in the vehicle.

Do I have to slow down when entering?

No. Drivers are only required to observe the speed limits of the applicable traffic regulations.

What data is collected? And is it allowed in Austria?

A photo of the vehicle‘s license plate and a text file with the date and time are recorded to determine the parking time. There is explicitly no video recording. Public land is not recorded either. The license plate reading is done in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

What happens with my data?

Only the license plate number is recorded at the entrance. It is not yet known who the owner/operator of the vehicle
is. Only in case of parking offence, the competent district administrative authority or provinicial police directorate will
be contacted to determine the owner of the registration. If there is no infraction, the entry and exit data are automatically deleted. The data is stored and processed in Germany.

Is there permanent video surveillance?

No! The camera sensor is not used for video surveillance. It only takes a picture of the license plate when a vehicle is

How do I know if license plate scanners are being used in a parking area?

Through the clear signage at the entrance and in the parking area.

Does license plate recognition work in the dark?

Yes. License plate recognition works in the dark using infrared support.

Why is this technology used instead of barriers?

Parking processes need to be made as convenient and seamless as possible. Digital license plate recognition and automated processes make it possible to replace outdated barrier technology with modern, barrier-free technology.

What does it mean for parkers?

  • No more need for a time disk or paper ticket
  • Multiple payment options
  • If you want, you can even pay with an app and avoid the walk to the pay machine
  • No queuing at the barrier

More information about barrier-free parking

Parking & Charging

Together with Stadtwerke Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt Airport has expanded its network of public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Two marked areas with connections for charging e-vehicles are available directly at the free short-term parking lot.